Why visit South Ossetia?

South Ossetia, the land of the Alans, is a rarely visited de facto independent country in the heart of the Greater Caucasus. Wander where only a few did before and meet the most hospitable people of the Caucasus.


The mountain ranges, gorges and lakes of South Ossetia are amongst the most scenic in Eurasia.


"Guests are a gift of God" is a popular Ossetian saying. Feel welcome like nowhere else and leave as a friend.


Travel South Ossetia provides a full support - from getting the neccessary visas to catching your flight back in time!

What travelers say



Mountaineers, Catalonia

"The Visit South Ossetia team took care of everything so we only had to fully live our journey. We skied amazing mountains, met incredible people, ate delicious local food... To do all this, would have been impossible without their help! Thank you, we'll come back!"

Hanson Deck

Hanson Deck


"I am trying to travel to every country in the world and South Ossetia was the least accessible for years. Thanks to the guys from Travel South Ossetia, who finally made it a breeze to get there!"

Natalya Undergrowth

Natalya Undergrowth


"We try to find unspoilt peaks to climb every year, which is becoming increasingly hard. In South Ossetia, though, we found a whole land untapped from tourism and felt like home from day one, thanks to the amazing work of Travel South Ossetia."


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